What’s the best workout routine?

Everyone’s body is different, just like with our diet. We all respond differently to different food programs, health, etc. As per our suggestion, 150 minutes per week is more than enough.
The default suggestion is 30 minutes, Five times a week. But if you go on rather long run (a half to full marathon, for instance). That’s covered in one XL workout.


We have also updated the guidelines to suggest not just the 150 minutes of aerobic activities (anything that you find suitable with like walking the dog, swimming and even dance) plus two days per week of muscle-strengthening activities. Yes, you can mix it up. It doesn’t have to be five days a week of 30-minutes moderate-intensity sessions. You can do a little moderate, a little vigorous, a little muscle-training.

If you’re at a more intense level, you can up the intensity and cut the time in half. Think about 75 minutes per week of higher intensity workouts ( 25 minutes three times a week, 15 minutes five times a week or a blast of 75 minutes all at once if you think you are on the advance side.

Toe Touch

To get started with a few days of aerobic per week, try mixing things up with circuits, cardio, dance, and kickboxing.

Up to two times per week: Toning, strength, Pilates, and barre will help you round out your routine with some muscle-strengthening exercise.

Sometime it really comes down to your personal plan, pre-existing conditions and injuries, and goals. It’s also extremely important to not “level up” too quickly. If you’ve been at a low-intensity, beginner level for a while, don’t just jump right into high-intensity, advanced exercises and training because you’re trying to make up for lost time! That’s not great for your body.

So aim for about 150 minutes of lighter exercise spread out however works for your schedule. A 15-minute walk in the morning and 15 minute cardio at lunch can do the trick! Then a couple times a week, work on your muscles. Remember to be kind to your body, don’t overdo it, and recover well. You’re in it for the long-haul so treat your routine like a marathon, not a sprint.

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